What’s New: Stitch Fix

I’m totally loving this mail-order subscription club trend that’s happening lately. You may remember my Freckled Fawn post from a few months ago. Freckled Fawn was my first mail-order subscription and I’m still loving it! Pssst… thinking of giving Freckled Fawn a try? Save $5 on your subscription by entering my full name and email address at checkout (lanae caulfield, naturecraftslove(AT)hotmail(DOT)com)!

My newest subscription is to Stitch Fix. Have you guys heard of it? It’s great!

ImageYou get to fill out this extremely thorough style profile that includes information like your size, what kind of trends you like (and don’t like), what types of clothes you usually wear, how much you like to pay for clothes, and much much more. You can also link to your Pinterest style board so your stitch fix stylist can see what you’ve pinned. Once your style profile is complete, pay $20 to schedule your fix then sit back and relax while a stylist puts together some outfits for you!Image

When your fix arrives, you get three days to decide on which items you like, love, or hate. Keep the items you want, and send the rest back! It’s that easy! Plus, your $20 that you paid goes toward any item(s) you choose to purchase. If you love everything, they’ll even give you 25% off for purchasing all the items in your fix. Fun, right?! Here’s the items from my first fix.

ImageEven though I really loved the skinny jeans, scarf, and striped maxi dress, I ended up only keeping the jeans. I have a million scarves, and I was a little too broke to buy both the maxi and the jeans. The pink shirt was a great style and fit, but pink isn’t my favorite color to wear, so I chose to send it back. The printed blouse was a little too loud for me, so I sent that one back as well. These are all things I included in my Fix evaluation. When you send all your clothes back, you fill out an evaluation online about how much you loved or hated each piece they sent you.

ImageThe style guide really helps with ideas on how to wear something, as well! I’m such an “experience” kind of person. Even though spending money on things like clothes and doodads isn’t my fav, I’ll pay for an experience all day every day. Stitch Fix is well worth the $20 for the experience of having someone style some outfits for me! Plus, I love surprises (especially ones that show up at my doorstep)!

Sound intriguing?? Check Stitch Fix out and see for yourself! I’d love to see what you get in your fix!

Hope you enjoy your weekend! xoxo!