We’re moving! (actually, just packing so far, but you get the idea)

Alright. I officially feel like an adult… not really. But we are buying our first house (eep!), which is kind of adult-like. We’ve been spending much of the last month and a half exploring neighborhoods, daydreaming about pinterest-perfect kitchens, and purging all our crap. We’re downsizing so the last part is kind of critical, and definitely not as fun as the former. We have a few weeks left until closing, but the packing festivities have already begun!


In the downtime, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what kind of inspiring spaces we’ll create. My Pinterest home board is bursting out the sides of my screen with images of kitchens, pillows, living rooms, craft spaces, and backyards. Sometimes I think Pinterest gives me unrealistic expectations of what I can actually accomplish… those Pinterest fail pictures really resonate with me every once in awhile. ha! But! I’m going to try to be a make-shift interior designer anyway.

One space I’m really excited to play around with is my crafting area. I have this little collection of cameras that I’ve been dying to put up on display somewhere. While I still use most of them, I’ve discovered that carrying them all around with me at once is… crazy. And keeping them packed away in a box is too shameful.


Cameras2I’m not one for hoarding large collections of things, but I really can’t help myself when it comes to cameras. I’ve been on the lookout for simple and non-cluttered ways of displaying these little guys. If you’ve seen any, please share!

Looking forward to sharing some summertime bungalow inspiration and DIY’s here on the blog!


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