2014 Goals: Scrapbooking with Freckled Fawn

One of my 2014 goals is to catch up on all my scrapbooking. I like to scrapbook in one-year chunks, creating chronological albums that serve as a yearbook or visual journal of my life. I think I was 12 years old when I made my first scrapbook (it’s pretty ghetto). When I began, I created books based on the school year (because apparently nothing scrapbook-worthy happens in the summer?!). Then when I graduated high school I decided to switch to the calendar year and actually purchase real scrapbook albums, pretty paper, and other supplies.

Lately (like for the past 5 years), I have been majorly slacking in the life-journaling department. I think it’s partially because I picked up a series of other crafty hobbies such as crochet, sewing, and general crafts within the past few years, and maybe partially because I got burned out after nearly 10 years of constantly cutting, pasting, and archiving. Nevertheless, I still find myself thinking about events as they happen, and what my page layout would look like if I were to scrapbook it the following week. But because I’m so far behind (I’m just now scrapbooking 2011), I just let those thoughts and ideas disappear into thin air because it’s easier to simply not think about things than it is to deal with them – first world problems, eh?

Okay! So. Since 2014 is going to be the most productive year ever, I’ve decided to take strategic approaches to reaching my goals. Thanks to instagram, I found an adorable company called Freckled Fawn. They design and produce their own papercrafting supplies that you can either order on an individual item bases, or subscribe to a monthly kit called OHDEERME. I was a little hesitant because it’s $30 plus shipping per month, but after doing some quick math on how much I usually spend at Jo-Ann on supplies, I decided it was well worth it. My strategic approach is that if I’m paying $30 per month for super cute supplies (that totally get delivered right to my door!!!), I better actually use them.

My first OHDEERME kit was way too much cuteness packed into one snailmail package.





And now you can see why I’ll likely be a life-long customer. Oy. Cheers to 2014: The Year of Scrapbooks! I hope to share some outcomes of this year-long-scrapbooking-binge with you soon. In the meantime, go ogle over all the adorableness that is Freckled Fawn!


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