Etsy Washington: The 12th Man

I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t born a “football fan.” In fact, I spent about 80% of my life thus far having zero interest what-so-ever in football. BUT! I’m also not what one might consider a “bandwagon fan.” I married into the football life and over the years I’ve grown quite the appreciation for the sport… Obviously, I’m a firm believer in the “if you can’t beat em, join em” methodology. haha.

Seattle Seahawks are the name of our game and this is our year! Welcome to the first edition of “Etsy Washington” – 12th Man style!

ImageThis awesome sign pretty much sums up the 2013 season! / by OurHobbyToYourHome, Olympia

ImageFor the not-so-fanatic fans, this darling headband is the perfect way to show your 12th man spirit! / by urbanelementsco, Puyallup

ImageEeep! I would love to crochet something festive out of this appropriately dyed yarn! / by WintryFlowerByDesign, University Place

ImageWhat they say is true. Washingtonians love (need??) coffee. How perfect is this cozy?! / by stitchandthimble, Bothell

ImageI’m kind of loving this new hair tie trend! Especially when they’re in Seahawks colors. / by Glitterwithgrace, Pullman

ImageMy couch probably needs a set of these 12th Man pillow covers. / by VintageDayz, Longview

Here’s to Super Bowl XLVIII… GO SEAHAWKS!!


Saturday Morning Energy Boost Smoothie

Every Saturday I have this horrible habit of sleeping in until like 11 AM. Then by the time I get up, get moving, and am ready to be productive, most of the day is already history. But not today! Today I got up at about 9 AM and was ready for the day. Surely this fresh smoothie will kick me into high gear!

Sturday Energy Boost Smoothie


Saturday Morning Energy Boost Smoothie:

Makes 1 tall glass


1 large handful of fresh spinach

5-6 fresh strawberries

1 banana

3 large spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt

about 10 large ice cubes

Throw everything into a blender and blend on high until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy!


Easy peasy, right? Cheers to a productive Saturday!

Follow me on Bloglovin!

Hi Guys!

I’m slowly finding my way around the blogging world. I feel like “claiming” my blog on bloglovin is an essential next step. 🙂 If it fits your fancy, follow my little blog over at bloglovin!

Bulky Mountains Colors 2And for a little added fun… how adorable are these crochet mountains by The Dapper Toad? I’ve totally got snowboarding and mountain tops on my mind lately. These cushies are the perfect winter essential – I just might make some up this weekend!

Happy New Year! Past and Present Goal Lists

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a happy celebration of the New Year. 2013 was quite the year for me. Pretty much all my time and energy went into planning our wedding and spending time with family and friends who helped us become the couple we are today. I’m looking forward to using 2014 to relax and reflect on all the fun we had in 2013. I’m also looking forward to getting back to all my pre-wedding hobbies such as reading, making ice cream, crocheting, scrapbooking, and camping.

I don’t know if I’m the odd one out, but new year resolutions never work for me. I can’t seem to stay focused on one or two long-term goals for an entire year. Eventually (like about two months in) the excitement of a new resolution fades into oblivion and I’m off gallivanting the world as if I never made one. I’m much more motivated by lists, goals, and things that I can “check off.” The satisfaction of checking something off a list is extremely rewarding to me for some reason. A few years ago, I came across this post and was so inspired by all the greatness of it that I decided to make my own.

23Before24Although I didn’t check off all of my goals, I’m pretty proud of how many I did check off. My vintage Schwinn bike has a super cute teal paint job; I taught myself how to crochet (actually hundreds of great crochet bloggers and youtube videos taught me); I went snowboarding exactly two times; created some DIY pillows; and went to visit a friend across the state. And those are just the ones I took pictures of.


In 2013, I decided if I kept going with the “(insert age here) before (insert following age here)”style goal list, it would eventually get too big to handle. So I went with 13 (plus a 14th and 15th just for fun) goals for 2013 list instead.


Sadly, I did so poorly on my goal list last year. In retrospect, I should have made all the goals wedding related and I would have been much more successful. It’s okay, the good thing about goals is they’re almost indefinite. You can always keep reaching for them. Even though I only checked a few off my list last year, I’m still feeling pretty satisfied. If you saw the amount of handmade wedding related things I did, you’d agree… maybe I’ll blog about it someday.


When writing my 2014 goals, I did a lot of reflecting on my past lists. Here’s a few tips I found while reflecting:

  1. Choose goals that are realistic.
  2. Choose goals that are measurable. By doing these first two, you avoid setting yourself up for failure or uncertainty of actually reaching a goal.
  3. Keep a healthy balance between goals that cost money and goals that don’t. Let’s face it: we’re not all as rich as we would like to be.
  4. Keep the list in a place where you’ll always see it. I have been keeping mine on the refrigerator so not only do I see it every day, but I also found that friends and family ask about it when they see it. So I’m constantly aware of it, and sometimes get the instant gratification of talking about my completed items before the end of the year.
  5. Celebrate reaching a goal! Tell your friends. Post it on social media. Be happy and proud!


Do you make yearly goal lists for yourself? Or do you prefer resolutions? I’d love to hear what your 2014 plans are!